In behalf of the 2018 Board of Regents, I enjoin our Fellows and students of surgery to continue the noble tradition of providing quality and safe surgical care through continuing professional development programs and systems-based multidisciplinary surgical practice.  As we celebrate our Ruby Jubilee, let us realize the dreams and aspirations of our founding fathers and the outstanding contributions of the personalities who came after them.  Fittingly, let us relive the “Evolution and Revolution” of our organization.

As global players in surgery, let us endeavor to practice our profession with compassion, professionalism and genuine regard to the public we were sworn to serve.  Let us work together to ease the burden of unmet surgeries in our country and promote the health and welfare of our less fortunate countrymen.  Let us empower our Fellows to execute programs aimed at poverty-alleviation, nation-building and environmental protection.

Through your achievements will the PCS shine; by guiding one another, we generate goodwill; by working together we can achieve more; and by the quality of our results, we can leave a legacy!  Let’s make these happen in 2018!




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