Welcome to the Philippine College of Surgeons website!

To the general public, I invite you to explore our website and learn more about who we are, what we do and where we intend to go. Some people think that we are an institution of learning and training to become a surgeon. Our College is not a school in the traditional way that we usually understand; however, from a different perspective, we are… but only to become better surgeons in order for us to serve you, our patients, better.

To our membership, we have the latest College news here. Announcements, updates, educational resources, and upcoming activities are posted so you can involve yourselves more in our College affairs. You can also learn more about available scholarships, fellowships and educational activities being offered by different surgical groups overseas.

As the 2019 President, I encourage you to visit our site more often and find out how the College is helping in our common task of nation-building.


George G. Lim, MD


The Philippine College of Surgeons publishes its regular newsletter: Incisions. The newsletter contains all news pertaining to the College and advances to the field of Surgery. Click below to download the digital copy of the newsletter.

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