The Philippine Association of Thoracic, Cardiac, and Vascular Surgeons, Inc.(PATACSI) is the umbrella organization of Board Certifiedthoracic, cardiac, and vascular surgeons in the country. It is a specialtysociety recognized by the Philippine Medical Association and Philippine Collegeof Surgeons.

The PATACSI is in Bayanihan with the entire nation as we battle the Covid-19 pandemic that has made its toll on thousands of healthcare workers in our country.

The PATACSI, through its Ad Hoc Committee on Covid-19 crisis, has come up with guidelines in the care of the surgical patient with thoracic, cardiac, andvascular concerns that may serve as reference for healthcare workers, particularly surgeons, as we deliver appropriate treatment to our surgicalpatients in the time of Covid-19 pandemic, and emerging infectious diseases inthe future. It may also serve as guidelines for hospital administrators in bothgovernment and private sectors.

Please find together with this letter the said Guidelines entitled COVID19 Crisis Driven Recommendations on THORACIC, CARDIAC and VASCULAR SURGERY.

We hopethat you find these guidelines useful as we emerge victorious in this Covid-19battle.

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