Improving Cancer Care Nationwide: Philam Foundation, Inc. and the Philippine College of Surgeons Cancer Commission, through Philippine College of Surgeons Foundation, commence on a partnership on helping Filipino cancer patients and cancer survivors

July 23, 2020; Zoom Virtual MoA Signing - Philam Foundation, Inc. (PFI) Chief Executive Officer and President, Mr. Maximillan G. Ventura, Philippine College of Surgeons Foundation (PCSF) President, Dr. Antonio S. Say, and Philippine College of Surgeons Cancer Commission (PCS CanCom) Director, Dr. Manuel Francisco T. Roxas held a virtual ceremony on July 23,2020, signing a Memorandum of Agreement to support the stablishment of the PCS CanCom Foundation, and its goal of improving cancer care nationwide . Witnessing the signing are BPI-Philam President Mr. Surendra Menon; PFI Senior Program Officer Ms. Diane Erika T. Madulid; PCS President Dr. Jose Antonio M. Salud; PCSBoard Secretary Dr. Esperanza R. Lahoz; PCSF Board of Trustees Drs. Ramon S. Inso, Gabriel L. Martinez and Rey Melchor F. Santos; PCS Executive Secretary Ms. Annette D. Tolentino; PCS CanCom Board of Directors Drs. Catherine SC Teh and. Jose Rhoel C. de Leon; PCS CanCom Executive Committee Member Mr. Jojo Flores; PCS CanCom Executive Officer Mr. Miko L. Balisi; and PCS Commissions Secretary Ms. Mary Amiabelle Limjoco.

Under this agreement, both parties will collaborate to improve cancer treatment in the country. Thiswill be done by first helping PCS CanCom establish a foundation, with seed capital given to hasten SEC registration.

Secondly, this will fund the projects of the Commission in improving cancer surgical outcomes, specifically through expanding the CARE Philippines’ cancer registry and strengthening the efficacy of tumor boards of hospitals nationwide.

As mentioned by Mr. Ventura on his message of partnership, we all have cancer stories. Cancer is the third leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the country (Philippine Health Statistics 2009) and remains a national health priority with significant implications for individuals, families, communities,and the health system.

The agreement is one step forward in meeting the cancer burden of the Philippines and in helping the Department of Health carry its promise of Universal Health Care. Quoting again Mr. Ventura on his message of partnership: We will continue to have our cancer stories. However, hopefully, given the work that we have set out to accomplish under this MoA, there will be more cancer stories that speak of hope, recovery, and triumph.


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