29 March 2021


Antonio S. Say, MD, FPCS President

Philippine College of Surgeons

Thru: Fernando L. Lopez, MD, FPCS

Chairman, Committee on HMOs


Dear Dr. Say,

Greetings of good health! The PAHMOC members have reached an agreement to extend the increase of the PF (professional fees) of all HMO-affiliated doctors with a fixed fee of Php600.00. This PF shall apply to all face-to-face Outpatient consults, regardless if the case is Covid or non-Covid. This likewise takes into consideration the use of Personal Protective Equipment, cost of disinfection, and other necessary infrastructure innovations. For HMOs engaging in Telemedicine, the maximum PF rate for Telemedicine consult is Php 400. This will be effective until May 31, 2021 or if the pandemic declaration is lifted, whichever comes first. We remain steadfast in our commitment to work together and face our challenges to ensure safety of all our members and you as our frontliners. Thank you.



Christian S. Argos



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