Dear Fellow:


 The Philippine College of Surgeons through the Committee on HMO and RVS would like to inform you that the College renewed the PCS-PAHMOC   Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) last April 2021 covering the period of April 20, 2021 to December 31, 2021.


 This is how the new procedures go:

       1.        The PCS sends out a letter, together with the MOA and an application/confirmation sheet co-signed by

                 both the PCS and the PAHMOC, to all its  qualified members.

     2.       Doctors who respond positively send back their fully filled up application/ confirmation sheet (through

                 the PCS Secretariat email add


     3.       The PCS credentials the doctors and

                   3.1.        Submits a list of successfully credentialed doctors in a given batch to the PAHMOC together with a

                   3.2.        Copy of their individual application/confirmation sheet

      4.       The PAHMOC does its own “validation” of the doctors in a given Batch-List. For those approved,

                the Executive Director:

                  4.1.        Signs the USA

                4.2.       Indicates an effective date therein

                 4.3.       Notarizes the same, and

                 4.4.       Sends a copy to the PCS

                 4.5.       Issues, if any, on applications held in abeyance or declined for valid reason/s shall be elevated

                              to the PCS HMO Committee for resolution.

        5.       Copies of the USA per batch shall be uploaded by the PCS in its website for downloading by concerned

                doctors nationwide.


    6.      Individual doctors approved for MOA initiatives (per Batch) may download a copy of the agreement

            which will serve as their ID when dealing with the medical coordinators of PAHMOC members in all affiliated

           hospitals nationwide.


     7.       All PAHMOC members shall be given copies of the batch-list, corresponding agreement, and encoded data

             of participating doctors which shall be transmitted to their respective medical coordinators nationwide.


         Once you are issued an agreement, you need not sign a separate (new) agreement with any or all PAHMOC members unless you want to in which  case, the rates could be lower than our current MOA.  If you are already an existing accredited doctor of a PAHMOC member with an in-force agreement with them, perhaps open ended, let it be, but remember that the agreement takes precedence over the former, rates and all, for as long as you are a participating doctor under MOA Initiatives.


 Attached is a copy of our (a) application/confirmation sheet and; (b) salient features of the 2021 PCS-PAHMOC.


 Thank you and kindest regards.



  Sincerely yours,







  Noted by:





Board of Regents






1. PCS-PAHMOC Physicians Application and Information sheet



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