• Fellow of the only organization of surgeons that is officially recognized by the PMA as part of the Specialty Division.

    The largest organization of surgeons in the country

  • A strong voice in upholding your rights & privileges as a surgeon.

    The PCS has committees that push for legislation favorable to surgeons, attending hearings & drafting our own version of important bills.

    It also coordinates with lawmakers to adopt our version of these bills & prevent passage of bills detrimental to patients & our profession.

  • Surgical scholarship

    The PCS has a scholarship program open to Fellows of all surgical specialties

  • Life insurance at minimum cost

    The PCS has a Fellowship Assistance Plan (FAP) with an annual contribution of only 500 Php

  • Higher HMO rates

    The PCS regularly meets with the AHMOPI in behalf of its Fellows

    To increase professional fees

    To minimize delay in the release of professional fees

  • Media exposure

    The PCS takes care of media exposure for the advocacies of its Fellows and public information

    Regular columns in print media

    Regular television appearances

    The PCS radio program “Ang Galing Mo Dok” over DZRH

  • Full access to PCS website

    linked to many healthcare networks and professional organizations

  • Update professional knowledge and skills.

    The PCS regularly holds workshops for professional enhancement, career opportunities & improving skills

    The PCS Annual Clinical Congress is considered by many as the best in the region and one of the best in the world

  • Evidence-based clinical practice

    The PCS has been formulating and continues to make Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guidelines involving different specialties

  • Expert assistance in research

    Seminar-workshops on Research Methodology and Critical Appraisal

    Free consultations on research design

    Assistance in biostatistics

  • Free copy of PJSS, official journal of the PCS
  • Publish your research work

    Internationally peer-reviewed

    Circulated internationally

    Pending application to Medline

    Distributed to international organizations and medical libraries for free.


The Philippine College of Surgeons publishes its regular newsletter: Incisions. The newsletter contains all news pertaining to the College and advances to the field of Surgery. Click below to download the digital copy of the newsletter.

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