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46th Midyear Convention - Hosted by Bicol Chapter

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President's Welcome

Welcome to the Philippine College of Surgeons website!

Social media - Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Tweeter, IG, etc. - you name it and most surgeons now are into it. As such, a website which caters to surgeons and interested others will need to be regularly updated and relatively complete to enhance sharing of content and networking.

At the same time, we want to enhance the users experience...

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Recent News and More

Residents Membership Category

The Philippine College of Surgeons’ Committee on Membership would like to announce that the College has put in place the RESIDENTS MEMBERSHIP CATEGORY....

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Philippines College of Surgeons, Inc. 2020 Calendar of Activities

List of Events / Activities of Philippine College of Surgeons this year 2020...

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Cancer Can Be Cured

Ferbruary is Cancer Awareness Month... Cancer can be Cured... Together we can Beat CANCER...

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