Philippine Journal of Surgical Specialties (pISSN 0031-7691, eISSN 2619-8541)

The Philippine Journal of Surgical Specialties (PJSS) is an open-access, peer-reviewed, semi-annual medical journal that considers original articles related to Surgery for publication. It also publishes systematic reviews, meta-analyses, case reports, case series, letters, and “How I do it” articles. It may also consider for publication studies done in the Philippines that had been published in other journals, in either original, modified or abstract form with the permission of the original publisher and principal author.

Contributions are reviewed by surgeons and physicians with a recognized academic record who make up the Editorial Board, and Editorial Consultants. The journal aims to provide readers with knowledge on current scientific investigation in surgery and related fields in the Philippines.

The PJSS commits to the integrity of its content. It is the journal’s policy to be transparent about any interests that the reader might want to know about. This policy on declaration of interests applies to everyone involved in the creation of the journal’s content. The PJSS requires that authors, Editors, and Editorial Consultants disclose any interest or relationship, financial or otherwise, that might be perceived as influencing their objectivity during the editorial process.