Vision Statement

  • We are the premier organization of surgical professionals.

Mission Statement

  • We shall fulfill our vision through Quality Surgery for all.

Core Values

Our culture is manifested through our demonstration of

  • Integrity

    We uphold the highest standards of professionalism

  • Social Responsibility

    We strive to be inclusive
    We stand as volunteers

  • Accountability

    We move to uplift the lives of our employees, patients and the society at large

  • Versatility

    We embrace change through the advancement of technology
    We connect through boundless collaboration

  • Excellence

    We advocate nation- building through the fulfillment of our corporate governance

Strategic Imperatives

We measure success of our mission through these factors

  • Sustainable programs (Financial)

  • Universal Health Care (Customer)

  • Renewed involvement (Customer)

  • Gainful innovation (Process)

  • Employee Engagement (Org. Capacity)

  • Review growth results vs. targets (Financial)

  • Yield positive community support (Customer)