Ms. Annette D. Tolentino

Executive Secretary

Ms. Ma. Corazon P. Ribao

Assistant Executive Secretary

Ms. Angelita T. Fampulme

PCS Foundation Accountant

Ms. Evelyn R. Umali

PCS Accountant

Ms. Milet M. Aldas

PCS Committee on External Affairs & Public Relation/ Committee on Surgical Infections / Philippine Journal of Surgical Specialties / Committee on Cancer / Committee on Awards

Ms. Virginia “Gie” Geronimo

PCS Committee on Membership / Committee on HMO / Committee on SICT / Committee on Surgical Training

Ms. Fhey Tolentino Jalimao

PCS Committee CSE / Committee on Publication

Ms. Gayle M. Marquez

PCS Committee on Trauma / Committee on LMS /  Surgical Research / Committee on Patient Safety and Quality Assurance / Committee on Hospital Standardization and Accreditation

Ms. Michelle C. Cusi

PCS Foundation Secretary

Mr. Alvin G. Jalimao

PCS I.T. for Operations