Philippine Journal of Surgical Specialties Vol. 67, No. 1, January-March 2012, pp 40-43

A Case Report on Ovarian Vein Syndrome

Author(s): Rolley Rey P. Lobo, M.D., F.P.C.S.; Herman L. Sorongon Jr., M.D.; Glinard L. Quezada, M.D. and Katrina Jo T. Caballero, M.D.

Ovarian vein syndrome is a rare condition of ureteral obstruction secondary to the normal overlying of the ovarian vein. The syndrome’s existence is controversial and only a few cases worldwide had been reported. There are no documented cases in the Philippines. This is a case of a 23-year-old female with ovarian vein syndrome. Presenting with hematuria associated with left flank pain, a dilated collecting system and proximal ureter on the left, with a vessel crossing over the point of obstruction, was documented on computed tomography. Ureterolysis and ligation of the offending ovarian vein were done via a laparoscopic approach. The postoperative course was unremarkable and on four-month out-patient follow-up, patient was symptom free and had a complete resolution of his hydronephrosis.

Key words: ovarian vein syndrome