Philippine Journal of Surgical Specialties Vol. 67, No. 1, January-March 2012, pp 36-39

Biliary Ascariasis in Region 1 Medical Center from January 2001 – June 2010

Author(s): Mayeen D. Fernandez, M.D.; Alexander S. Quilaton, M.D., F.P.C.S.; Anita C. Tarectecan, M.D., F.P.C.S. and Vivencio Jose P. Villaflor III, M.D., F.P.C.S.

Ascariasis is a common parasitic infestation occurring mostly in developing countries. Its most serious presentation is biliary obstruction. This is a case series of biliary ascariasis in Region 1 Medical Center. Clinical presentation, diagnosis and management are presented. This is a retrospective, descriptive study of 43 cases of biliary ascariasis admitted at the Region 1 Medical Center from January 2001-June 2010. Majority of the patients were in the fifth decade of life with with vomiting. Tenderness in the right subcostal region was noted in 70 percent of the cases. Twenty – six patients were managed conservatively while 17 underwent surgical intervention. Common bile duct was the most common site of ascaris migration. Most patients with biliary ascariasis responded to conservative management. Early surgical intervention is advisable to patients not responding to conservative management to avoid serious complications.

Key words: biliary ascariasis, Ascaris lumbricoides