Philippine Journal of Surgical Specialties Vol. 73, No. 1, January-June, 2018, pp 28-36

A Systematic Review and Meta-analyis on the Effect of Training with Nintendo Wii TM in the Improvement of Basic Laparoscopic Skills Among Laparoscopic Novices

Author(s): Marian R. Nuevo, MD and Maila Rose L. Torillo, MD, FPSGS, FPCS


Videogames offer the usual skills needed for laparoscopy namely, eye-hand coordination, depth perception, and bimanual operation. The impact of playing videogames on basic laparoscopic skills is still ambiguous with some studies showing correlation and with other studies demonstrating little or no effect.

To determine the impact of training with Nintendo® WiiTM in the improvement of basic laparoscopic skill among laparoscopic novices by measuring the time to completion of eyehand coordination task, two-hand manipulation task, grasping and cutting task or grasping and clipping tasks.

An electronic systematic search was done in online databases and search engines. This review included randomized prospective studies, written in English language, and published within the last 5 years. Participants included adults 19-29 years old, medical students and surgical residents, with a low video game experience, without or minimal experience in laparoscopic surgery and laparoscopic simulator. The studies compared the performance of participants in a laparoscopic simulator (SimbionixTM LapMentorTM or ProMIS) after training with Nintendo® WiiTM and
measured their completion time of several tasks.

Training with Nintendo® WiiTM showed improvement in time to completion of eye-hand coordination task, two-hand manipulation task, and grasping and clipping task. The study however showed equivocal results in the grasping and cutting tasks

Training with Nintendo® WiiTM can be used as a training tool for the improvement of basic laparoscopic skills of laparoscopic novices.

Key words: Nintendo® WiiTM, surgical skills, laparoscopic skills