Philippine Journal of Surgical Specialties Vol. 73, No. 1, January-June, 2018, pp 15-18

Distant Metastasis from Benign Phyllodes Tumor

Author(s): Mark R. Kho, MD, FPCS; Caryl Joy P. Nonan, MD; Rosebelle E. Rahon-Sucgang, MD, FPCS; Apple P. Valparaiso, MD


As there is a dearth of information on phyllodes tumors of the breast in the Philippines yet this ultimately impacts on the management and survival of Filipino patients, the authors reviewed their surgical cases of phyllodes tumors, focusing in this report, for the first time in Philippine literature, on the real risk of distant metastasis from the more common benign variety of phyllodes tumors. They therefore aim to identify case/s and do a review of literature on distant metastasis from benign phyllodes tumors.

A review of records of all surgical cases of phyllodes tumor managed at PGH from 2005 – 2014 was done. Data from patients who on follow up were found to have distant metastasis were gathered and further reviewed. A literature search on metastatic phyllodes tumor and its implications was likewise done to complete this study.

A total of 200 patients with phyllodes tumor surgically managed within the study period were reviewed and followed up. One hundred sixty one out of 200 (80.5%) patients were histologically classified as benign. Twelve patients out of 200 (6.0%) developed distant metastasis on follow up, 1 (0.62% of 161 benign phyllodes tumors) of whom had benign phyllodes tumor.

The authors show that distant metastasis from benign phyllodes tumor can occur here in the Philippines. Therefore, the subtype of phyllodes tumor alone, especially in benign lesions, does not absolutely predict biological behavior and risk of recurrence. A better understanding of the true nature of metastasis in these tumors is highly anticipated.

Key words: Breast surgery, Phyllodes, metastasis, benign