Philippine Journal of Surgical Specialties Vol. 75, No. 1, January-June 2020, pp 97-102

PSTS Interim Guidelines and Recommendations on the Resumption of Kidney Transplantation and Related Practices Post-ECQ

Author(s): Philippine Society for Transplant Surgeons


With the recent suspension of the enhanced community quarantine in several regions of the country, there is a persistent clamor to gradually resume elective surgical services including those of solid organ transplantation, which is also a life-saving procedure for patients with end-organ failure. The COVID-19 pandemic however, remains a persistent health concern. With cases now exceeding 14,000 nationwide, the hospitals’ policies and resources remain focused on the treatment, control and eradication of the coronavirus.

In the midst of this, kidney transplant candidates remain hopeful that they can be transplanted soon in order for their quality of life and long-term survival to improve. However, we are also concerned because these same patients are highly susceptible to opportunistic infections and may contract the coronavirus infection in its most severe form, given their immunosuppressed state.

Therefore, in order for a safe and effective resumption of transplant clinical practices to remain feasible, we need to balance our patients’ requirements for transplantation against the ongoing health crisis. Our ultimate objective is to maintain a high-quality service in organ transplantation, while minimizing virus transmission and cross-infection among donors and recipients, as well as to all transplant physicians and other related allied health professionals. These interim guidelines are being set in order to help provide for a safe transition to the “new normal” of practice of transplant surgery and medicine.

Key words: Resumption of Kidney Transplantation and Related Practices Post-ECQ