Philippine Journal of Surgical Specialties Vol. 76, No. 2, July-December 2021, pp 92-96

Sigmoid Volvulus in a 16-Year-Old: A Case Report

Author(s): Jo Ann Y. Chiu, MD

Sigmoid volvulus is rare in the pediatric population, generally occurring in the adult age group. This is a case report of sigmoid volvulus in a pediatric patient, documenting the clinical presentation, diagnostics, endoscopic and surgical management and outcome in a16 year old male presenting with crampy abdominal pain and difficulty in bowel movement. Abdominal x-ray revealed a dilated sigmoid colon in an inverted-U configuration. Emergency endoscopic detorsion was done with subsequent elective sigmoidectomy. Although sigmoid volvulus may be rare in the pediatric population, the diagnosis should always be considered in patients presenting with abdominal pain, obstruction and abdominal distension.

Key words: Sigmoid volvulus, adolescent, sigmoidectomy, detorsion, constipation