Philippine Journal of Surgical Specialties Vol. 78, No. 2, July-December 2023, pp 31-39

Validation of the Filipino Voice Handicap Index-10 (FVHI-10)

Author(s): Melfred L. Hernandez, MD, MHA, Diane Clarice M. Atienza, MD, Daryl Anne D. Madrid, MD and Michael C. Valdez, MRS-SP2

The Voice Handicap Index (VHI) is a self-assessment tool that evaluates the patient’s reaction and perception to a vocal disorder. This study aimed to establish, validate and assess the reliability of the Filipino translation of the Voice Handicap Index 10 (FVHI-10).

The VHI-10 was translated and adapted to the Filipino language and culture with the help of the Sentro ng Wikang Filipino- University of the Philippines Manila. A self-assessment of voice quality and FVHI-10 were performed by the patients and their GRBAS scale scoring was rated by a speech language pathologist. The Spearman’s correlation between the FVHI-10 and the self-assessment and GRBAS scale scores was obtained to test for validity. To evaluate the reliability of the FVHI-10, testing through determining internal consistency was conducted through the use of Chronbach α coefficient, inter-item correlation, item-total correlation and Cronbach α coefficient if tool item was deleted.

Fifty-five individuals participated in the study (29 males, 26 females, age range: 30-55 years) with the diagnosis of voice disorder based on complaints of hoarseness or dysphonia and laryngoscopic f indings. Convergent validity was confirmed with moderate to strong correlation between the FVHI-10 and self-assessment (r=-.893, p<.05) and GRBAS scale scores (r=.427, p<.05). Reliability as measured through internal consistency was confirmed (Cronbach α=.874) (average ρ<.5) (corrected item-total correlation>0.3) (average inter item correlation=.15-.85).

The FVHI-10 was determined to be a valid and reliable instrument that can be utilized in the assessment of Filipino patients with voice disorders.

Key words: Dysphonia, voice disorder, reliability, validity, voice handicap index-10, quality of life, Philippines